Zest makes beautiful and performant CSS animations straight from Figma files.


You can find Zest in the Figma Community


Building an animation in Zest is easy.

Step 1

Create a starting “frame” in Figma, then duplicate it for each keyframe in the animation.

Step 2

Connect your frames using Figma’s prototyping tools. Zest will end the animation after it loops or reaches a frame without any further interactions.

Image of figma frames for demo animation connected via Figma prototyping tools

Step 3

Right-click on the first frame of your animation and open the Zest plugin to generate the animation.

Image of figma plugin menu

Step 4

Zest will open up, with a preview of the animation, SVG markup and CSS animation ready-to-go.

Image of Zest UI with preview animation and output markup

Supported Animation Features

Zest is in it’s early days, it supports a handful of types of animation features including: